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How to write in arabic

How to write in arabic, Arabic calligraphy is written from right to left in cursive letters. Most of the time, the letter represents a silent sound, and sometimes it represents a vowel sound, as most writing systems based on Arabic calligraphy are alphabets. Arabic calligraphy was initially used to write texts in the Arabic language, especially the Qur’an, the main and only holy book in Islam.

Not everyone who masters Arabic reading is proficient in writing, and if most of it is otherwise, we find someone who reads correctly, but sometimes makes mistakes in writing and this is due to an error in the foundation, and a clear confusion between some components of the language, such as mixing between letters of extension and movements, fatha, and damma. And the kasrah or the confusion between the sani nun and the tanween, or between the solar lam and the lunar lam, this is related to weakness in writing.

Rules and Pillars of how to write in arabic

We mention these rules as follows:

  • Memorizing the letters of the Arabic language in full, reading and writing, for letters are the basic component of any language, without which it is impossible to master the language in reading or writing.
  • distinguish the three letters of madd from the rest of the letters; For what we need in the writing process, distinguish writing with it from writing with movements.
  • Distinguish the three vowels, fatha, damma, and kasra, from the three letters of madd. Learn to write each letter of the Arabic language, with each of the three letters of the extension, such as: Q: (Qa, Q, Qi), R: (Ra, Ro, Ri) … etc.
  • Learn to write each letter of the Arabic language, with each of the three movements, such as: Practice writing examples of verbs or nouns including the three long vowels.
  • Practice writing examples of verbs or nouns, including the three Arabic vowels.
  • Distinguish between writing the nun consonant and the tanween, and the cases of each.
  • Practice writing nouns that include the consonant nun, and others that include the tanween.
  • Distinguish between the solar Lam and the lunar Lam, and knowing the states of each.
  • Knowing how to write each letter of the Arabic language at the beginning, middle and end of a word.
  • Knowing the rules related to writing the hamza, in its various modes, and practicing that.
  • Identify texts that include the above notes, and practice writing them by heart.
  • Adopting the method of repetitive copying of certain texts.
  • Encouraging a lot of reading, as this has a great effect on nurturing and developing the ability to write smoothly.
  • Encouraging the idea of ​​self-learning, so that the individual rushes by himself, in pursuit of science and knowledge.
  • Encouraging the learner to write creatively, through correspondence with some newspapers and websites. Encouraging the idea of ​​written conversation, through social media, such as Facebook.

The summary

If the learner follows these rules in his learning and relies on himself to develop his writing abilities, and is motivated by that with longing and love for what he is doing, he will inevitably begin to own the corner of Arabic writing, and gradually, and soon he will make successful leaps in that, so reading, following up, sharing, and motivating, And a love of knowledge and learning, all of which support the success of learning.

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