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Islamic aqeedah covers everything that a person needs in matters of this world....

Islamic aqeedah covers everything that a person needs in matters of this world and the hereafter, and contains issues of the soul and body, and includes issues related to the universe, society and the individual.

Islam is the religion of God – the Most High – who revealed it to His Prophet and Messenger Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and Islam consists of aqeedah and Sharia, i.e. of faith and action, and each of them is linked to the other. The aqeedah is one that does not change and does not change with the change of time and place.

The concept of Islamic aqeedah

The Islamic concept of aqeedah: It is the firm belief of the servant in God Almighty, belief in what necessitates belief in His Oneness, Divinity, Lordship, Attributes, and Names, firm belief and affirmation of His angels, the heavenly books He revealed to His prophets, and all the prophets and messengers, belief in the Last Day, and belief in predestination, its good and its evil. And with all the Qur’anic texts and authentic Prophetic hadiths that dealt with matters of the unseen and the origins of religion.

The origins of Islamic aqeedah

The origins of Islamic aqeedah are mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet in his saying – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him-: (to believe in God, His angels, His Book, meeting Him, and His Messengers, and to believe in the Resurrection, and to believe in the Islamic creed).

  • Belief in God Almighty, His divinity, lordship, names and attributes.
  • Belief in angels and their attributes, names and functions.
  • Belief in the messengers and prophets, and what God has sent down to them of books, and what God has honored them with of the praiseworthy qualities, and supported them with miracles.
  • Belief in the Last Day and the meeting with God, and the details of the Hereafter from the Resurrection and the Resurrection and the Path, Heaven and Hell.
  • Belief in predestination is good and bad, and that a person does not deviate from the decree and knowledge of God.

The importance of Islamic aqeedah

After getting to know the concept of Islamic aqeedah, it is necessary to mention some of the things that indicate the importance of the belief and its position in the Islamic religion, as it is of great importance, and among these matters that highlight the position of the belief are the following:

  • All messengers and prophets – may blessings and peace be upon them – were sent the correct aqeedah.
  • The first purpose of God’s creation – the Most High – for the jinn and mankind is to achieve the unification of divinity and the singling out of God – the Most High – with worship based on sound aqeedah.
  • The acceptance of the actions of the servant depends on his achievement of the monotheism associated with the aqeedah.
  • Survival in the afterlife depends on the health of aqeedah.
  • Determining the relationship between the servant and God – the Most High – through the aqeedah.
  • Achieving happiness in this world is based on knowledge of God Almighty.
  • There is no peace or comfort except through the servant’s knowledge of his Lord, his divinity, his attributes and names.
  • Aqeedah’s answer to all the questions that come to the mind of the servant.
  • A reason for the emergence of the farmer and victory for the servants in the two worlds.
  • The infallibility of a Muslim from being influenced by the corrupt ideological ideas that surround him.

The impact of aqeedah on the behavior of the individual and society

The Islamic aqeedah had a great impact on the individual, society and the state, even exceeding the influence of the Islamic aqeedah; To change even the relations between states at that time, and an example of the impact of Islamic aqeedah is the following:

  • Sultan aqeedah over souls

That is, the aqeedah is a control over the person in secret and in public, so the Muslim observes his belief and does not violate it even if he is alone, and this is from the prestige of the Islamic aqeedah in himself.

  • Islamic aqeedah gives its followers dignity

And this he derives from his belief in God, who is characterized by all the attributes of perfection.

  • It makes the Muslim offer himself and money in defense of his faith without hesitation, so he makes the most precious and precious in obedience to his Lord.
  • The Islamic aqeedah transformed the Arabs into a nation that leads nations and civilizations, and after the correct aqeedah came to them, it quickly turned into beacons for spreading science, justice and Islam.
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