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As a goal for many muslims, memorizing the koran is a process that requires dedication, consistency and establishing a daily habit to memorize the Quran.

In the Muslim community, the Hafiz who have taken the time and effort to memorize the Quran are some of the most respected leaders and intellectuals. Those who have completed this great task are called upon for their advice, interpretations and guidance.

Memorizing the Quran entails a physical, mental and spiritual journey that will build a better relationship between an individual and Allah, as well as between an individual and his or her community. There is no age or education level necessary for a Quran memorization program. Rather, it should be undertaken by those who want to deepen their faith and reap the benefits in this world and the next.

Remember that the founders of Islam, the prophet and his followers, memorized and recited the Quran verbally, passing it down through the generations. It was not until Uthmaan, the third caliph, that each holy word of the Quran was recorded in writing. We encourage all students to carefully consider this example, as the history of Quranic memorization can act as an inspiration for those facing this major task.

Because memorizing Quran is one of the most important goals for each Muslim, We are trying to help Muslims achieve this goal by all possible ways.

Our team of expert Quran tutors who are hafiz of the Quran will help you and guide you to learn the Quran in the best way.  This Quran memorization course is well organized to help you finish memorizing the whole Quran in an easy way.

  • Memorizing it is an imitation of the Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – for he used to memorize it and perpetuate his recitation, and he presented it to Gabriel – peace be upon him – every year, and in the year in which he died, he presented it to him twice, and he – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – recited it to his companions – may Allah be pleased with him. May Allah bless them – and hear it from them.
  • In memorizing it, it is in imitation of the predecessors, and in keeping with their earnestness, for they used to memorize and study the Qur’an before all other sciences; Imam Ibn Abd al-Barr said: “Seeking knowledge is by degrees and transfers, and ranks that should not be transgressed, and whoever transgresses them altogether, he has transgressed the path of the predecessors – may God have mercy on them – so the first knowledge is to memorize and understand the Book of God – the Mighty and Sublime.”
  • The memorizer of the Noble Qur’an can recite in all his circumstances, he reads walking and lying down, and he reads while working with his hand, or driving his car, and in travel and urbanization, but the non-hafiz cannot do that no matter how careful he is.
  • He who has memorized the Qur’an is the most reciting of the Qur’an most of the time, as he will not memorize it until he repeats it a lot, and his memorization is not proven except by continuous review, and we know that in the recitation of the letter from the Book of God there are ten good deeds.
  • In memorizing the Qur’an there is an elevation in this world and the hereafter and deliverance from the Fire (Indeed, God raises nations with this book, and places others through it) Muslim.

And when the believers enter Paradise, the one who memorizes the Qur’an is superior to others, and his rank is elevated. On the authority of Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Aas: (It is said to the owner of the Qur’an: Recite, recite and recite, as you used to recite in this world, for your position is at the last verse you recited) Al-Tirmidhi. ; Because mere reading in calligraphy, people do not differ in it, and they do not differ; Few and many.

In our Quran Hifz course, we recommend that you make as much time as possible to learning the Quran. Learning Quran with scholars from Al Azhar will help facilitate the easy and accuracy of your memorization, who present al azhar Quran teaching reviews.

The learner must understand that in order to completely memorize the Quran, it takes much time and practice and review.  Even though your Quran teacher will help you and guide you to memorizing the Quran, it is ultimately up to you (or your child) to review your Quran memorization daily.


Following are some tips that are a part of our online course that we will be offering you:

  • Having A Pure Intention: One must have pure intentions and determination to achieve the goal, which is memorizing Quran.
  • Accurate Pronunciation and Recitation: The first step in memorizing the Quran is to pronounce it correctly. We will help you in this regard and ensure you learn the rules and principles of reciting and become a good reciter and memorizer.
  • Sticking to a daily Limit for Memorizing the Quran: A limit should be set for verses of Surah that you desire to memorize. It should be realistic and feasible to carry out. Our tutor will assist you in setting a reasonable limit.
  • Continual Recitation and Revision: Persistent recitation and repetition of the set limit of verses is necessary.


While memorization, Quran should be recited in a melodious and beautiful tone. This is important because it is a part if a Sunnah. Also, it makes one’s memorization strong and firm. It is our duty to teach you how to beautify the reading.

Understanding Is the gateway to Memorizing the Qur’an: Understanding the meaning of the verses is a significant tool that aids the process of Quran memorization. For this purpose, we will provide you with the Tafsir of the verses, which will help you in remembering the verses.

Connecting the Verses: Once a Surah is memorized, one should refine it by linking its verses together. The goal is to recite the verses without thinking hard to remember them

Ground Rules

  • Lecure duration is between 30 minutes to one hour, based on your free time.
  • The Lecture will be divided into 2 parts, a part for revising what has been memorized before, and the other part is for memorizing new verses.
  • Some techniques that help in memorizing Quaran will be used with children such as playing some videos of children who reading Quraan with a nice voice to make our students imitate them.
  • Another technique is to train them on applications that repeat verses such as Quraan Explorer.
  • If the student is a beginner, we will focus on the skill of reading, and he will also study some books that will help him in this such as Nour Albayan and Alqaada Annoraneya.
  • Our Instructors can easily detect personal-specific differences between trainees which will help them select a suitable quantity of verse that will be memorized during each lecture to each student.
  • One of our approaches is a continuous recap on what has been taught which will not leave a chance to the students to forget what they have memorized.

We always depend on: 

  • Sessions depend on your free time.
  • Trial session before joining.
  • Great tuition prices, Greater quality.
  • All our instructors are native Arabic speakers who can pronounce the sounds well.
  • Oral quizzes will be done within the course to check the progress of the students.
  • Our instructors have the required experience to solve student-related issues while memorizing.
  • All lectures will be based on “one on one” sessions, however, we might arrange some group meetings with all the students to share his/her experience in memorizing. This will be for the good of the students and will be based on the preference of you and your instructor.
  • Books that will be used will be mainly focusing on exercises of memorizing Quaran like “Attadrepate Al hesan fee hifx Al Quran.

Before this course you need to:

  • Pass the assessment test.
  • After this assessment test we will see if you will study reading Arabic or you will start memorizing directly.
  • We will also be able to decide how much time you need to finish the course.

3 Months Or More.

3 lessons (hours) per week.

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