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Our Courses

We offer personalized Quran, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies for both kids & adults.

Al Tafseer Course

Definition and meaning of Al Tafseer or “explanation Quran”

Learn Noorani Qaida

Learn Noorani Qaida is the first step towards the

Duaa Memorization

Duʿāʾ, Duaa, or Dua refer to Islamic supplication and

Arabic Speaking Course

Arabic is ranked at sixth position among the many

Learn Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies refers to studying Islam in-depth. All Islamic

Arabic Reading Course

The Arabic language is the language of the Noble

Learn Tajweed

What is the science of Tajweed? Tajweed linguistically: improvement,

Quran Memorization Course Online

As a goal for many muslims, memorizing the koran

Recitation Quran

A book that appeared more than one thousand four
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