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Arabic grammar

The Arabic grammar or The rules of the Arabic language from scratch, with the expansion of our Islamic state in the past, and the spread of Islam widely, the Arabic language spread with it because it is the language of the Holy Qur’an, and the Arabs spoke and sang with it poetry.

And literature, and many rules were set for it, including grammatical, morphological, rhetorical, presentational, spelling, and written rules, and the language was based on these rules to continue and preserve its identity and originality without distortion, and in the following we will learn about those rules from scratch.

The importance of Arabic grammars in the Arabic language

Before we get to know the rules of grammar in the Arabic language, we must know its importance, and its important impact on the lives of its learners, which can be summarized in the following:

  • Protecting the tongue from error, especially when reading the Qur’an.
  • It is not possible to understand the words of the Qur’an without learning the rules of grammar and knowing the purposes of the different words.
  • Learning Arabic grammar adjusts the speech of the tongue, as well as the correct way of writing.

 The origins of the rules of Arabic grammar

The Noble Qur’an was revealed in the language of the Arabs, and the Arabs were eloquent and eloquent, and they understood all the intrinsic language of the language using their inimitable mindset.But after the intense expansion of the Islamic state and the mixing of Arabs with others, the melody began to appear in the Arabic tongue, and the Arabs feared that their language would be destroyed because of that, and that is why they established grammar rules to preserve the identity of the language for them.

 Parts of the word in the Arabic language

The word is divided into three types in terms of whether it is a verb, a noun or a letter, and each has its own use and meaning, and the following will explain it:

  • The noun is what denotes an event that is not connected to time.
  • The verb is what indicates an event connected to time.
  • The letter did not indicate an event or time.

Words must be dealt with according to their three types by tracing the context in which they are located, because they will not give the meaning alone, but through their presence in the midst of a group of other words that clarify their meaning, and from here we can divide the sentences in our Arabic language into two main types:

  • The first type is the nominative sentence.
  • The second type is the actual sentence.

Hence, we conclude that the science of grammar is concerned with searching for words of all kinds and their place within the sentence, if it is a nominal sentence or an actual sentence.

Division of the word in the Arabic language

  • In the Arabic language, the word is branched into a noun, a verb and a letter, and the noun is what is placed to denote an independent meaning by understanding that time is not a part of it, such as: a man, a book.
  • At the same time, the verb is defined as what is placed in the sentence to denote an independent meaning by understanding and time is an integral part of it, such as: write, write, write.
  • Finally, the letter that is defined as what is placed in the sentence to denote a meaning independent of understanding, and each letter has a meaning.

The importance of learning Arabic grammar from scratch

  • From it, the child acquires a sound language free of strange, vulgar words, and he can talk with adults and impress them with his eloquence, unlike if he continues to speak a wrong or incomprehensible language.
  • With an understanding of the language, he can read various books, knowing all the topics he wants to know about.
  • Full awareness of the Arabic language and familiarity with all its beauty, and this makes it a distinction between two methods of linguistic performance:
  • The normal performance method that he sees and uses in his family, society and the media.
  • The method of literary performance that makes language a means of artistic enjoyment that stimulates him internally and evokes the finest feelings and the most beautiful feelings for him to create.
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