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Teaching the Kids Quran

Teaching the Kids Quran, God Almighty has pledged to memorize the Noble Qur’an by saying: (Indeed, We have sent down the Remembrance, and we will preserve it) [Al-Hijr:10]. The student and the teacher receive a reward from God Almighty.

Methods of teaching the Noble Qur’an

At the beginning of teaching the Noble Qur’an, the teacher must be sincere in his learning and teaching, because of the Almighty’s saying: (And they were not commanded except to worship God sincerely to Him in religion) [Al Bayenah: 5] and the words of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as well as the words of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, as well as the motive of faith: In learning and memorizing the Noble Qur’an, there are a number of ways:

The Traditional way

It is a combination of memorization, recitation, collaborative grouping, discussion and recitation:

Indoctrination: The teacher reads in front of the students a surah, or a specific Qur’anic passage, explains and explains difficult words, mentions their meanings, shows the meaning and the desired benefit from them, then reads it out loud and the students repeat what they hear.

Fluency: It is for students to recite the Qur’anic passage one by one, and the teacher makes sure that all students are proficient in reading.

And cooperative groups: a typical student reads the Qur’anic text, then reads the text by someone who is less in rank than him in reading, and so on until all the students read a correct and exemplary reading.

Tasmi’: It is for the diligent student to recite the Qur’anic text by heart, and then re-read it by the rest of the students in memory, taking into account the differences in ability to memorize.

The Modern way

It is the use of modern methods in teaching the Noble Qur’an, such as:

Hearing: It is for the student to hear the Holy Qur’an through audio recordings, and repeat it behind them, so that he can memorize the Qur’anic text in a correct and sound manner.

Watching: It is for the student to receive that from a written text, whether it is from the Qur’an itself, or from watching television through programs concerned with teaching and memorizing the Qur’an. These programs use colors and differences in font size in order to draw attention, and to facilitate the memorization process. That the student resort to the method of reading the Qur’anic text on a computer screen and choosing a type and size of a font that is comfortable to look at and memorize.

Teaching Tajweed

As for tajweed, there are two methods of teaching:

Standard: It is applied in the presentation of the provisions of intonation as it begins with a statement of the rule, then examples.

Inductive: It is used in the application of the provisions of intonation, and begins with examples, then elicits the rule

Teaching the Holy Quran

The teacher has to gradually teach the Noble Qur’an, and there are a number of things that he must follow:

  • The teacher must take into account the student’s letter exits; So that he must pronounce it from its proper place, and also he must address all pronunciation problems such as stuttering, stammering, and melody in speech.
  • It is important for the teacher to take care of teaching students the Quranic spelling; Because it is completely different from what we read in books and articles, there are a group of words that are not read like what they are written, as well as the provisions of intonation so that it can read properly.
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