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Ar Rayyan

Information about the Gate of Ar Rayyan. The Gate of Ar Rayyan is one of the eight gates of Paradise, but it differs from the rest of the gates of Paradise in that it is reserved.....

Information about the Gate of Ar Rayyan. The Gate of Ar Rayyan is one of the eight gates of Paradise, but it differs from the rest of the gates of Paradise in that it is reserved for those who fast only from among the righteous and sincere servants of God. The Gate of Ar Rayyan is considered to be from the Rawa, that is, the water that quenches thirst and thirst.


The importance of Ar Rayyan door

  •  Because of the great reward of fasting, whether in the blessed month of Ramadan or even in the supererogatory prayers, God Almighty distinguished him more by making one of the gates of Paradise for those who fast.
  • Because of the lofty and great status of fasting and those who fast, God Almighty has singled out one of the gates of Paradise to be an entrance for them on the day of presentation to Him.
  •  This section was called the Ar Rayyan Gate, whereby whoever follows the obligatory fast with supererogatory prayers will have the right from God to be admitted to Paradise through this great gate.
  •  Righteous worshipers who fast enter Ar Rayyan, and fasting here does not mean abstaining from eating food and drinks only, but rather fasting here means abstaining from everything that defiles the soul and takes away thinking from God Almighty.
  •  He enters through the gate of Paradise only for those who fast, as if they enter, the door is closed after them, and only them enter through this gate of great value and status.
  • The door through which the fasting people enter is called Ar Rayyan, and that is not the fasting person waiting for the moment in which he quenches his thirst. That is why this door is called Ar Rayyan because from its name it shows that it quenches extreme thirst, and also quenches those who fast by entering Paradise.
  • God Almighty also distinguished it by rayan in relation to thirst and not to satiety or hunger, because a person can give up his hunger, but he could not give up water or his thirst.
  •  The door of Ar Rayyan is of very great importance, as the righteous and fasting people who enter through this door will never thirst again, and that was one of the reasons for calling it Ar Rayyan as well.
  •  Fasting is a very important act of worship as it is one of the basic pillars of Islam, and it is an obligation that must be performed as there is the holy month of Ramadan in which God Almighty has imposed fasting on every Muslim man and woman.
  • God Almighty preferred the great poetry to fasting, as He preferred the fasting people to establish a door in Paradise for them and it is called the Gate of Ar Rayyan due to the importance of this worship and its lofty and great position with God Almighty.

gates of paradise

  • As we mentioned before that Paradise has eight gates, as it came to us in the noble hadiths and in the Noble Qur’an, including the chapter on prayer, the gate of Ar Rayyan, the gate of jihad, and even the gate of charity and other great gates known to the majority of people.
  • There is also the door of the trustees, since whoever God wants him to enter through this ancient door of great value and stature, he will not be held accountable or tormented.
  •  There is also the door of the father, which God Almighty distinguished by this name in relation to righteousness and piety by treating parents, and because of the importance of treating fathers and mothers with righteousness and kindness, God Almighty has established one of the doors of Paradise for these people or for these righteous servants.

Ar Rayyan’s Gate in Heaven

∙ Bab al-Rayyan is considered one of the eight gates of Paradise, in which the Muslim feels psychological comfort, as the reward of the righteous is their entry through the Gate of Ar Rayyan, a reward for their righteous deeds, and a reward for striving against oneself and staying away from desires.

∙ The Ar-Rayyan Gate in Paradise expresses the bliss and comfort that the righteous, fasting and upright servants who enter through this gate will feel in return for their righteous deeds.

  • Each of the gates of Paradise has a width of forty years due to Muslims entering it on the Day of Resurrection due to their righteous deeds and their distance from committing sins and sins.
  • The people of Paradise, including those who fast, who enter through the gate of al-Rayyan, feel bliss after which there is no bliss, and they also feel joy and eternal happiness that they have not felt before.
  • Where God distinguished them and singled them out so that they feel this huge amount of beautiful and great feelings that no one else felt except for those entering through this great gate i.e. the door of Rayyan.
  • The people of Paradise also who enter through this great gate, i.e., the gate of Rayan, feel that there are no sorrows, no worries, no misery, as they are young people who never grow up and never suffer, as it is only eternal happiness, comfort and bliss that all the righteous and faithful servants of God desire.
  • Those who fast and those who are praying also enjoy the gate of Rayyan in Paradise, where rivers, fruitful trees, palaces, light and winds, in addition to the fact that Paradise does not have the sun or the moon, meaning that it does not have day or night, but it is a permanent light that everyone who enters Paradise through this great gate enjoys.
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