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Beautiful language

Just like every sunset or indeed every person, every language is beautiful language in its own way. And if we say here the ten most beautiful languages, this means that this language has something of its own beauty. If you don’t see their preferred language in the list, add it in the comments and participate in the discussion.


Perhaps the most beautiful language aspect of the Arabic language is its alphabet and the amazing calligraphy that has been created and used by calligraphers over the centuries. Arabic calligraphy is always a highly advanced form of religious art, since Arabic constitutes the ritual language of the Islamic religion, the language of the revelation of the Qur’an and the language of devotion in general. What distinguishes the Arabic language is the space it gives to poets, which makes the audio beauty noticeable in this language even for non-native speakers. The sounds of the Arabic language may sound unfamiliar to someone who has not studied the language before, but if you give yourself a chance to learn it, it will definitely charm you.


The English is now an imposing piece of art. Do you agree with this opinion? The history of this beautiful language is unique among the major languages ​​of the world. At the turn of the first millennium, English was slow-moving and developing as a Germanic language until the Normans conquered England from France, and they brought their language with them and influenced what was known as Old English to the point where we can roughly consider the modern language as a dynasty or Creole, a mixture of two languages. And let’s quickly go 1,000 years into the future, that is, now, and we see that English is the most universal lingua franca and allows people to cross cultural boundaries everywhere to communicate either in their native language or in the new English they have learned. If this is not an aspect of beauty, then there is nothing beautiful in any language.

Welsh language

The Welsh language has shown tremendous strength in the face of the constant tide of English, even though it is spoken natively on the island where English was born. Over the past several decades, the language has undergone a revitalization process that could serve as a model for endangered minority languages ​​around the world. Wales is now a bilingual society.

Italian Language

Here, let us turn to a language whose beauty is almost agreed upon. It is the language of Dante, Pavarotti and Silvio Berlusconi. Italian has long been known as one of the most important and  beautiful language ​​in the world of art, opera and of course romance, even spoken Italian sounds like a song to non-native speakers. Nothing is as emotional as something said and spoken in Italian.

Czech language

It seems to be taking for granted that Slavic languages ​​are a nice thing to learn later with listening, especially after seeing a lot of bad guys with Russian accents in American movies, but there’s something really cool about the Czech language (the western branch of the Slavic language family). This language has a unique sound: “ř” which is pronounced: “rzh”, which is the same sound in the middle of the composer’s last name Antonin Dvořák/ Antonin Dvorak, and this sound gives the language a special flavor and a unique imprint that distinguishes it from other languages. Perhaps due to its geographical location at the crossroads between West and East, in what might really be called Central Europe, the language somehow appears less Slavic and more as a unique mixture of Slavic and other languages ​​such as Germanic in general, which surround it.

Chinese Language

It is really surprising to know that there are countless different spoken Chinese dialects but they all share the same written characters. Instead of learning the 25-45 sounds that like us who use the alphabets to read and write use, an educated Chinese would have to learn the thousands of symbols that each represent a word. In addition, Chinese characters have been passed down through generations and have always been closely associated with national culture. So, the history, complexity and difficulty of the Chinese language added to it a special character of beauty. Like Arabic, calligraphy was and remains an invaluable art form. We can confidently line up behind a people who value writing so well.

Finnish language

When John Tolkien invented the Quinean language (in the Lord of the Rings series), he was influenced in real life by Finnish (the Finno-Ugric member of the Nordic language group). Listening to these two languages ​​will remove any doubt you may have about the connection between them. Finnish won’t sound like any other European language, with the possible exception of Estonian (a cousin of Finnish), and you’ll also find that the language is very far from its distant cousin, Hungarian. Finnish has a gentle rhythm and a choppy, subtle quality, which can be directly observed in poetry and music, but will also sound prettier and prettier while in the form of reggae.

Bengali language

India is famous for its great linguistic diversity, and one of the most beautiful languages ​​spoken in the Indian subcontinent is definitely Bengali. For starters, this language has a wonderful writing system and also has a fluid and fluid phonetic language, which is what made one of the world’s greatest poets, Rabindranath Tagore, use it in his artwork. It has also proven that it is literally worth fighting for. When the state required all people to use Urdu for their studies and in their daily lives, a number of students lost their lives in protests over their right to use Bengali. Thanks in part to the stand they have taken against the state, Bengali is still present today and is spoken by some 230 million people in India and Bangladesh.

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