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How many people speak arabic

How many people speak arabic? There are more than 7 billion people living on Earth who speak 7,102 living languages....

How many people speak arabic? There are more than 7 billion people living on Earth who speak 7,102 living languages. The Arabic language occupies the fourth place in the world in terms of the number of speakers of it as a mother tongue, while it is considered the second most widespread language in the world, in terms of the number of countries it is spoken in.

There are currently 7,102 living languages ​​in the world. The continent of Asia occupies the first place in terms of the number of living languages ​​in which there are, with 2301 languages, followed by the black continent (Africa) with a not large difference, where there are 2138 languages, then the Pacific region comes with a number of 1,300 languages, followed by the Americas combined with 1046 languages . The lowest continent in terms of the number of living languages ​​is the old continent, Europe, where the number of languages ​​is only 286, according to the website of the “Washington Post” newspaper.

As for English, it came in third place, as it is spoken – as a mother tongue – by 527 million people. In fourth place, the Arabic language came with 467 million speakers, an increase of about one hundred million from the Spanish language, which ranked fifth, with 389 million people.

The German language came in ninth place, as it is spoken as a mother tongue by about 132 million people, according to the “Washington Post”.

As for the language spoken by the largest number of countries, English came in first place, with 101 countries speaking English. It is followed by Arabic, as it is spoken in 60 countries, of which only 22 are members of the Arab League. While the rest of the countries are distributed over the continents of Asia and Africa, where there are tribes and groups that speak Arabic in Chad, Mali, Cameroon, for example, and others.

The French language came in third place with 51 countries, then Chinese with 33 countries, then comes the Spanish language, which is spoken by citizens in 31 countries, followed by the Persian language, which is spoken in 29 countries, and then the German language, which is spoken in 18 countries. The Washington Post / Deutsche Welle

All Arabic speaking countries

There are a total of 25 independent countries and territories around the world that speak Arabic as an official language, the most populous of which is Egypt with a population of 100 million, and more than 93 percent of its total population speaks Arabic as a mother tongue.

What is the Arabic language?

Arabic is a language spoken by more than 470 million people around the world, and this makes it the fifth most spoken language in the world.

Its speakers are distributed on all continents of the world, but most of them live in Western Asia and North Africa.

Arabic is considered a sacred language by many of its speakers, given that it is the language in which the Holy Quran was revealed.

It is also used by other religions in their rituals, including Christianity.

Arabic spread with the spread of Islam beginning in the seventh century AD, and it has become an official language for many countries since then.

Arabic speaking countries

The number of countries that use Arabic as an official language is 25, the largest of which is the Arab Republic of Egypt, which has an estimated population of about 100 million people.

All Arab countries are located in North Africa and West Asia, with the exception of a few countries located in South and East Africa.

There are six countries that consider Arabic a minority language, namely Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, Niger, Mali, and Senegal.

There are nine non-sovereign entities and territories in which Arabic is an official language, including Somaliland, Iraqi Kurdistan, Puntland, and Azawad.

How many people speak arabic? There are more than 7 billion people living on Earth who speak 7,102 living languages....

All Arabic speaking countries

1- United Arab Emirates

2- Tunisia

3- Tanzania

4- Syria

5- Sudan

6- Somalia

7- Diameter

8- Palestine

9- Morocco

10- Mauritania

11- Libya

12- Lebanon

13- Kuwait

14- Jordan

15- Iraq

16 Eritrea

17- Djibouti

18– Egypt

19- Comoros

20- Chad

21- Bahrain

22- Algeria

23- Yemen

24- Sultanate of Oman

25- Saudi Arabia

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