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Learn Islamic is of great importance as it aims to prepare generations with good morals, high values ​​and principles, and during the next few lines we will get acquainted, dear reader, with the concept of Islamic education, its goals, and its importance. Just please follow up.

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First, the concept of Islamic education and its objectives

Islamic education can be defined as one of the educational sciences that seeks to regulate the behavior of individuals, and find a lot of solutions to many issues and issues related to education. The aim of Islamic education is to raise children on the morals and principles of Islam, develop their minds, motivate them to think properly and learn the legal rulings related to all the obligations and acts of worship that God Almighty commanded us (prayer, fasting, and zakat). , and so on) and the need to adhere to it.

Second, what is the importance of Islamic education?

Islamic education is of great importance to the individual in particular to the entire society in general, as it refines the behavior of the individual, and makes him more willing to overcome the challenges that may be exposed to his path, and to overcome them in successful ways. and undesirable morals. The importance of Islamic education is evident in the following:

– Instilling lofty Islamic values ​​in the souls of the people of society, love of goodness, drawing closer to God Almighty through good deeds, and avoiding falling into sins and mistakes in a desire to draw closer to God Almighty.

– Strengthening the individual’s relationship with those around him on solid foundations and ties, the most important of which are love, tolerance, cooperation, respect, and avoidance of harming others.

– Raising a generation that thinks in a sound logical manner capable of taking responsibility and finding appropriate solutions to the problems and crises that stand in the way.

– Spreading safety and stability in the entire community, because the more the members of the community adhere to high morals, this leads to fewer crimes such as theft and assault.

– Increasing goodness, and achieving economic prosperity, because Islamic education calls on the individual to be sincere in work, and to master it.

– Protecting society from terrorism, and what results in destruction and devastation, because Islam is a religion of peace, ease and love, and whenever societies commit to raising their children on the principles and rules of Islamic education, they will be free from terrorism and extremism.

Third, what are the characteristics of Islamic education?

The Islamic education curriculum is characterized by a set of characteristics, the most prominent of which are the following:

– The Islamic education curriculum is a comprehensive and integrated curriculum that includes all aspects that are related to the personality of the individual.

– This approach is characterized by the balance of all the matters it includes, whether religious or worldly matters, as well as the individual’s use of his mind, and his thinking also in a balanced manner.

– This approach is characterized by realism, as Islamic education does not make the individual issue his judgments on matters based on perceptions and fantasies, but based on facts and contemplation.

– It is characterized by positivity, and avoids negative thinking. Of course, Islamic education has made positive thinking one of the necessary things that individuals should be keen to adhere to.

– This curriculum is based on a sound scientific basis, as Islamic education goes beyond sayings, and seeks to apply everything it came with in a practical way that the individual must adhere to.

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