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The best man in the world

The best man in the world is the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, ranked first among the top 100 influential figures in the world in the book “The Hundred Immortals.” Author Michael Hart mentioned in his book that the Prophet Muhammad was born in the year 750 AD, and he is one of the The oldest historical figure known to the world, which still influences him to this day, and was adopted by the writer in choosing the best man in the world by several criteria, namely: the person is real and has already lived, to be prominent, obvious and unknown, where there are many influential but not Known in the world, as the writer relied on his influence on the person throughout the world, and in the history of mankind as a whole, as well as he should not be alive.

Why the Prophet Muhammad is the best man in the world

The author of the book The 100 Michael Hart has put forward several reasons for choosing the Messenger as The best man in the world, may God bless him and grant him peace, as the best man in the world, among them is that he believes that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, had a personal influence on the emergence of the Islamic religion, which had a great impact. He influenced history on the religious and religious levels, and shows the impact of the personality of the Prophet on the world, as he called all of humanity to unite God over the religion of Islam, until he struggled and spread it in most parts of the world, it became one of the greatest and best religions in the world, and thus became a prophet. May God’s prayers and peace be upon him is a leader on the religious, political and military levels, and despite the passage of thirteen centuries, his influence continues to this day, renewed and continuing to this day.

It is worth noting here, and although the Book of Hundreds of Immortals stated that Muhammad is the best man in the world, we as Muslims must have a great deal of certainty and belief that our Prophet Muhammad is the best human being ever, the best man in the world. the world without the need to search in books and others. On all the provisions of Sharia that come after the Holy Qur’an in referring to it as a source of Islamic law, and God praised the Holy Prophet of God by saying: “You are a great creation” as the Messenger of God. He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “I have been sent to the dignity of morals,” and the Noble Prophet is a good example for those who want to win Paradise and meet God, and be saved from the fire of Hell, as well as the man who is. Whoever abandons his whims and desires, and considers his words in religion and Sharia as a revelation, does not err.

Western famous sayings about the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him

  • The Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is sufficient for him to bear the testimony of God Almighty that he is the best of human beings, but there are Western celebrities who are just and were able to say a word of truth and praise the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and among these are:
  • French poet La Martin: “Do you think that Muhammad was the owner of deception and fraud, and the owner of falsehood and lies?! No, after we became aware of his history, and studied his life, deception, fraud, falsehood, and falsehood… all of these characteristics are more attached to those who describe Muhammad with them”.
  • The English writer George Bernard Shaw: “I studied Muhammad as an amazing man. I saw him far from quarreling with Christ. Rather, he should be called the savior of humanity. You will know the power of this doctrine to solve its problems, and in this spirit you should understand my prophecy”.
  • Sociologist Gustave Le Bon: “He was faithful in broadcasting his da’wah among tribes that were distracted by the worship of stones and idols, and took pleasure in the absurdities of ignorance”.

Finally, the article, who is The best man in the world, comes to the conclusion after examining the reality of this person, and how he – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – reached that rank in the eyes of Muslims and Westerners. After seeing its history for themselves.

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