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Learn surah yasin

Learn surah yasin, Surat Ya-Sin is one of the Meccan surahs, as it was revealed before the migration of the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him...

Learn surah yasin, Surat Ya-Sin is one of the Meccan surahs, as it was revealed before the migration of the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and it was revealed in Mecca. It was called Surat Yassin because God Almighty opened it by saying (Ya-Seen), which is one of the interrupted letters that indicate the inimitability of this great book. It is three thousand characters.

Objectives and purposes of Learn surah yasin

  • Confirmation of the sincerity of the message of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.
  • Explanation of the condition of the polytheists and their reluctance to remember and advise, and depicting their bad condition with their prophets, their arguments with them, and their harm to those who call them to God through the story of the owners of the village.
  • A report and an explanation of the manifestations of the Creator’s ability, the Mighty and Sublime, and the phenomena and blessings He has mocked in this universe, and His wisdom in His disposition in His creation, which indicates His power and Oneness, Glory be to Him.
  • Emphasizing the resurrection and the resurrection, and inferring the ability of God Almighty to revive creation on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Clarifying the fate of people on the Day of Resurrection, a group in Paradise and a group in Hell.


Benefits of Learn surah yasin

1- forgiveness of sins

It came in some narrations that reciting Surah Yassin is a reason for forgiveness of sins and expiation of sins, and that is dear to God. On the authority of Jundub – may God be pleased with him – he said: The Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: And in another narration, the commandment to read it to the Muslims whose time has come has come. On the authority of Ma’qil bin Yasar – may God be pleased with him – on the authority of the Messenger of God – peace be upon him – that he said: (Read to your dead, Yassin).

2- heart of the quran

And according to Al-Mundhiri – may God have mercy on him – with an authentic or good chain of transmission, Surah Yasin is unique in being the heart of the Qur’an, from Ma’qil ibn Yasar: “The heart of the Qur’an is Yassin. No man who desires God and the abode of the hereafter recites it except that God forgives him. Recite it to your dead.” It is noted that the generality of the narrations and narrations regarding the merits and characteristics of Surah Yasin shows that it has an advantage over other Surahs of the Qur’an, as is the case in some other Suras. In the field of business virtues.

3- Make things easy

After tracing the narrations and traces mentioned in the merits of Surat Ya-Sin, the scholars found that among the endowments of some of the noble Companions with good chains of transmission, and some of them were transmitted through the experience of some righteous people from the ancestors of the nation, where Ibn Katheer – may God have mercy on him – mentioned, quoting from some scholars, that this noble surah is one of its advantages that It is not recited over a difficult matter except that it will be followed by ease and relief from God, and seeking comfort in reading it when the soul of the dead departs at the time of death has hope for God’s mercy, and facilitates the matter of the soul’s exit.

4- A reason for goodness and blessing

The people of knowledge agree that the Noble Qur’an, with all its chapters and verses, is pure goodness and blessing, and Surat Ya-Sin is one of the Surahs about which many narrations have been narrated, but the people of knowledge and knowledge are of the view that most of them do not rise to the level of authenticity in any case, and they pointed out that the hadiths that came in the virtues and properties of Surat Yasin It is not correct to raise them to the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – as prophetic hadiths unless they are proven true, but nevertheless they are included in the general verses and surahs of the Qur’an that were reported with authentic narrations as a reason for goodness and blessing.

5- Fulfilling the needs of the one who recites it, when it was narrated that Ataa said: (Whoever recites Yaseen in the early part of the day, his needs will be satisfied)

6- Introducing joy to its reciter, when it was narrated from Yahya bin Abi Katheer that he said: He who recites Q in the morning will remain in joy until evening, and whoever recites it in the evening will remain in joy until morning.

7- Reciting it eases the throes of death when reading it to the dying, as it was narrated from the hadith of Abu Dhar Al-Ghafari: The soul as narrated by Imam Ahmad on the authority of some of the people of knowledge.

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