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The Quran teacher needs several important skills, including those related to personality....

The Quran teacher needs several important skills, including those related to personality, appearance and style of dealing, including those related to teaching methodology and efficiency.

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Qualities of a Quran teacher

1- The Quran teacher must determine his goal of disrespecting the teaching of the Qur’an, and sincerely intending to God Almighty for his honorable face, and removing from his heart the love of the world and fame. The greatness of the Book of God and the honor of his mission and constantly reviewing his goal and intention in order to remind and discipline himself, and the goal is the motive that lifts a person out of despair in difficult moments and pushes him away from surrendering to the obstacles and difficulties he faces.

2- The Quran teacher and the bearer of the Book of God must pay attention to his general appearance and appearance. The bearer of the Qur’an is never supposed to have shabby clothes scattered in the form, a sign of asceticism, for example, and drawing close to God by leaving belongings. This is a big mistake and may deter people from learning from him, but God is beautiful and loves Beauty and he who memorizes the Book of God certainly preserves the verse (Say: He who forbade the adornment of God that He brought out for His servants and the good things of sustenance, say they are for those who believe in the life of this world exclusively on the Day of Resurrection). Perfume, combing his hair, cleanliness of his face, and other complements of good looks

3- The Quran teacher must be of good character and morals, The bearer of the Book of God must have noble manners. The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The believer is not slandered, cursed, obscene, or obscene.” The teacher of the Qur’an is not a lot of cursing, cursing, nor much saying. Obscenity is a form of speech, and it is not cursing, cursing, or stabbing, but it is what people are ashamed to say and hate to hear. It also does not hurt the feelings of his students, especially if they are children. He does not tell them about their weak level, lack of achievement, stupidity, and so on, which alienates children from memorizing the Book of God.

4- The Quran teacher must also be of good manners, tolerant of manners and manners, a kind smiler who does not enter the assembly with his eyebrows clammy, and he does not joke a lot so that he goes with the dignity of the assembly.

5- The Quran teacher must be patient, and patience is the key to completing all the difficult tasks. The student or his inability to memorize some verses. Rather, he must be patient with the student and give the student patience to memorize so that he does not get fed up and bored from the difficulty of memorizing or the length of time it takes.

The Quran teacher needs several important skills, including those related to personality....

6- The Quran teacher must be familiar with all the legal sciences related to the Book of God, such as intonation, interpretation, the sciences of the Qur’an, grammar, rhetoric, belief, and so on. What it contains of rhetoric, the greatness of the statement and the abundance of words, as it shows him the jurisprudence rulings in the verses, if any.

7- The Quran teacher should be good at estimation and planning, so he assesses each student’s ability to memorize and comprehend, and how many verses or aspects are suitable for him so that he can memorize well so that he does not pressure the student and burdens him more than his capacity, making him feel helpless and short, and planning by setting monthly and annual plans for the memorization approach According to the age and ability of each student, the face and the period required for the student to memorize the entire book of God is determined, divided into the period required for each surah to be memorized separately.Walking on an organized methodology in education, and this methodology must be characterized gradually to suit the level of the novice student and flexibility so that it does not stop with interruptions, absences, etc., and comprehensiveness so that at the end of it the student is familiar with all aspects of science and a memorizer of the Book of God or the surah specified in the monthly plan, for example. It must also be realistic in order to be able to apply it.

8- The teacher should have flexibility and a constant desire to renew in the methods of memorization and the methods used. The percentage of their response and the quality of the methods that affect them depends largely on the environment around them and the means available to them. For example, the methods used in memorizing the Qur’an in the eighties differ radically from those that influence today’s students. If the teacher’s goal is to influence the Qur’an on the largest number of today’s youth, then he should search for methods that affect them, not follow an education strategy appropriate to the eighteenth century, for example.

9- One of the skills that many teachers neglect is the “student-making skill” which means dealing with the student in a way that makes him respond more to memorization, and this skill depends on the teacher’s ability to understand the nature and personality of the student. He learns how to understand the student’s personality and motives for his behavior and begins to follow the appropriate method for him. For example, the teacher realizes the nature of the student with limited abilities, so he begins to focus on his positives, motivates and encourages him, and realizes the nature of the quarrelsome student, so he deals with him with patience and softness.

Finally, every Quran teacher must realize that every student is a seed of goodness and an asset to Islam. He should not be despised by a student because of his poor level of memorization, and a student should not be underestimated at the expense of another student, and to know that the Book of God is a great trust. Either a path to heaven or shame and regret on the Day of Resurrection. Improves carrying and performance.

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