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first pillar of Islam

The first pillar of Islam is the religious information that every Muslim man and woman must be aware of.....

The first pillar of Islam is the religious information that every Muslim man and woman must be aware of, because without that knowledge they will not enter Islam, or their Islam will not be achieved, and the Islamic religion is a religion of tolerance and mercy, and therefore no one is burdened with what they cannot bear. In what follows, we will learn about the first pillar of Islam.

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The first pillar of Islam

The first pillar of Islam is The Shahada or  two testimonies, which is that a person bears witness that there is no god truly worshiped but God – the Most High – and that in His hand is the kingdom of everything. His mercy is everything, and he also testifies that Muhammad is the servant of God and His Messenger, and that He sent him to the people; To bring them out from the darkness of disbelief in which they were living to the light of Islam, and that he is the sent as a mercy to the worlds, and they must follow him, follow his trail, and adhere to his Sunnah.

What are the pillars of Islam

It was done in the previous paragraph, that the two testimonies are the first pillar of Islam, and in this paragraph of this article, the rest of these pillars will be explained, with an explanation of each of them:

Doing prayers

And this is the second pillar of Islam, which is defined as the servant’s observance of the five daily prayers that God Almighty has imposed upon him, which are: the dawn prayer, the noon prayer, the afternoon prayer, the sunset prayer, and the evening prayer, and that he performs them at their legitimate times, with Observe the conditions, duties and pillars of prayer.

Paying the zakat

It is the third pillar of Islam, which means paying the obligatory zakat on money when this money reaches the quorum.

Doing pilgrimage

It is the fourth pillar of Islam, and its meaning is the intention of the worshiper to the Sacred House, to perform specific rituals at a specific time, in devotion to God – the Almighty – even for once in a lifetime. is able to.

Fasting of Ramadan

Fasting the holy month of Ramadan is considered the fifth pillar of Islam, and it means abstaining from food, drink, sexual intercourse and all other things that break the fast in worship of God – the Mighty and Sublime – from the dawn of the true dawn to sunset, and fasting Ramadan is an obligatory physical worship for the Muslim.

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