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Teach Children Arabic

How to Teach Children Arabic? The Arabic language is the language of the Noble Qur’an that God Almighty revealed to His Messenger Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and it is the official language in the Arab countries, and one of the most widely spread languages ​​in the world. The Arabic language has been adopted as an official language in the United Nations, and it consists It consists of twenty-eight letters, and it is called the language of Dhad, because it is the only letter in it without the rest of the languages ​​of the world, and it is the language of eloquence and eloquence. It facilitates the study of it, and what follows from the article is a talk about methods of teaching Arabic to children.

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The most important ways to Teach Children Arabic

  • Empowering the child with alphabets, the first and most important steps are for the child to know each letter separately and distinguish it from the rest of the letters, and to be able to write it in all its forms, then he will be able to link letters to each other and form words reading and writing, and the best ways to teach the child these letters are with the help of drawings And the shapes, and linking the letter to a particular scene or a certain image to keep it in the mind of the child, and the Internet sites specialized in this matter are many and varied, and the CDs, comic books and interactive whiteboard programs are almost innumerable.
  • Teach the child to read words wherever he sees them, such as asking him to spell storefronts or big bags, or the names of the candy he eats, and any place where he can find words written in large and clear letters.
  • Gradually the child to read the comics, even if this is difficult in the beginning, but with time he will find it feasible. At first, the child may resort to knowing the events through pictures only, but he will move to the next step directly; For example, he begins to spell words and links what he spells to the pictures he saw, which gives him flexibility in guessing the word and thus reading it faster than if it were without pictures.
  • Exposing the child to reading purposeful newspapers, and this will give him great confidence in himself, as children view newspapers and magazines as great things and carry a wide knowledge and culture, and a small child cannot read them, but if he finds himself reading large and clear headlines, and finds in return for stimulation and encouragement, then This will only make him persevere so that he always gets compliments.
  • Include the child in the summer programs held by clubs and schools, which teach the child the basics of the Arabic language at the hands of experienced teachers who are able to communicate ideas in the fastest time and with the least effort, and in a way that ensures the stability of the information in the child’s mind.
  • Encouraging the child to watch cartoon films in sound Standard Arabic, as this will enrich his linguistic inventory and he will have a good amount of words.
  • Talking to the child in Standard Arabic from time to time. When the mother talks to her child in Standard Arabic, she will love him in the language and he will try to imitate his mother.


The importance of Teach Children Arabic

Language is the basis of social life, and it is the first door to communication between individuals, and learning additional languages ​​would make the individual more able to learn, and his culture is increasing, and there is great importance in learning and teaching the Arabic language, the most important of which are:

1- The Arabic language is the language of the Noble Qur’an, and a Muslim can only pray by reciting verses from the Noble Qur’an.

2- Some speakers of languages ​​other than Arabic seek to learn it and learn the Noble Qur’an, so teachers who specialize in Arabic can teach it to them.

3- Teaching the Arabic language, especially to non-native speakers, gives them a perception of the Arab civilization and its advantages.

4- Learning the Arabic language would develop the individual’s ability to present the same meaning in different ways. The Arabic language is the language of eloquence and eloquence, and there are many synonyms and words that carry more than one meaning.

5- The Arabic language is an important tool for communication between individuals, and there are millions of peoples who speak the Arabic language, and its study helps in studying the history and literature of those civilizations.


Teach Children Arabic at Arabic & Quran online  Academy

In the Academy of the Arabic Language and the Holy Qur’an, we have a wonderful group of distinguished teachers from the State of Egypt. All these teachers have memorized the Holy Qur’an since childhood and graduated from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif University and speak fluent English as well as they have many years of experience in teaching Arabic, the Qur’an and Islamic studies to non-Arabic speakers children and adults.

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