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Learn Quran online with Tajweed, tajweed defines linguistically as making something good, and making the reading good...

Learn Quran online with Tajweed, tajweed defines linguistically as making something good, and making the reading good: that is, he brought it free from poor pronunciation, and Imam Ibn al-Jawzi defined it idiomatically and said: It is giving the letters their rights, arranging their ranks, returning each letter to its origin and origin, appending it to its counterpart, and correcting its pronunciation, And the softness of its pronunciation in the state of its form and perfection of its form, without extravagance, or arbitrariness, or exaggeration, or coquetry.

Aspects of Learn Quran online with Tajweed

Learn Quran online with Tajweed is based on two aspects, which are as follows:

Theoretical aspect: The theoretical aspect of the science of intonation is related to the rulings and rules laid down by scholars in books that teach the rulings of intonation. As the sections of the extension and its times, as well as the provisions of the letters in terms of manifestation, inclusion, inversion, concealment, and other rulings and rules that have been explained, and the discussion of them has been expanded in the books of the science of Tajweed.

The practical aspect: It is called the applied aspect, and this aspect cannot be controlled by the learner, nor can he be mastered except by taking the rules of intonation and speaking them to a reader who is known for his mastery of the provisions of the intonation of the Noble Qur’an in knowledge and application; Such as the rulings of rum, smelling, singing, facilitating, and oral concealment, and the applied aspect protects the learner from melody and correctness in reading.

Provisions of the science of tajweed

  • Rules Of Basmalah and Isti’adha.
  • Rules Of Noon and Meem shaddah & letters of lips.
  • Rules Of Qalqalah Mechanism, types , and ranks.
  • Rules Of Heavy letters and light letters.
  • Rules Of letter Raa
  • Rules Of Laam In word Allah.
  • Rules Of Meem sakinah (Idgham, Ikhfaa Shafawee, and Izhaar Shafawee).
  • Rules Of Noon sakinah & Tanween (Izhaar, Idghaam, Iqlaab, and Ikhfaa).
  • Rules Of Laam Sakinah.
  • The Ghunnah and its ranks.
  • Makhaarij (points of articulation).
  • Rules Of Mudood (Elongation).
  • Closed Taa & Open Taa.
  • Rules Of Idghamm.
  • Dealing with Separate Letters in Quran.
  • Kinds of Hamzah.
  • Rules Of Al-Waqf (the Stop) & Al-Ibtidaa` (the Beginning).
  • Types of Waqf.
  • The Characteristics of the Arabic Letters.
  • Lahn Jalee and Lahn Khafee.

Tajweed’s rule

The scholars of Tajweed went to the fact that the ruling on learning the rulings of intonation is an obligation of sufficiency. That is, if someone performs it enough, the sin falls on the rest. As for the rule of applying its rulings while reading the Qur’an, it is an individual duty. For this reason, Imam Ibn Al-Jazari, may God have mercy on him, says: And there is no dispute about it that the Islamic nation is required to understand the meanings of the Noble Qur’an, reflect on its verses, and establish the limits that it imposed. It is also required to correct the pronunciation of the letters of the Qur’an and to establish them in the same form transmitted to us through the imams of the readings connected to the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the eloquent Arabic language, which is not permissible to contradict, nor to deviate from it to something else. He reads it without pretentiousness or arbitrariness, and it is his reading.

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